Blue Water Grill

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I’ve wanted to get to Blue Water Grill for the last four years or so, but I’ve never been able to come up with an excuse. A night out with my Singaporean friend Peixi was the perfect reason. We hadn’t seen each other in forever (a few weeks felt that way) and majorly needed to catch up. So we chose this famous seafood restaurant that she has frequented numerous times. I had heard wonderful things about their food, so I was pumped.

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The interior of BWG is softly-lit by chandeliers and decked out in stone and marble. It’s beautiful and huge and intimate all at once. They have two floors to their main dining room and we sat in the upstairs level. I enjoyed looking down at the raw bar chefs preparing our meal and people watching, so this was the seat for me.

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One of my closest friends, Peixi also has a fabulous blog with one of her good friends. Peixi is my little sister (in sorority speak), but we’re the same age and incredibly similar in almost every way. We both are extremely creative and into fashion, as well as being a tad on the sloth-like side. I love her to pieces and she’s a bad girl if I’ve ever met one. We’re a bit like soul sisters and I was so lucky to be able to trick her out into this frigid cold to catch up with me.

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I had a bit of a rough day, so by the time we sat down I knew I needed a cocktail. I went for the supremely delicious Brazilian Winter with chachaca, fresh lime and almond syrup. It tasted like a margarita without the sometimes unfortunate aftertaste and was citrusy-sweet. Peixi is a better girl than I am, so she skipped the drinks and snuck a sip of mine.

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But in terms of ordering, she was the clear winner. That’s what you get when you go to a restaurant with an old pro. She knew how delicious their Lobster Mashed Potatoes are, and I should have listened to her. I loved my meal, but hers was.. spectacular. So obviously I had as much as she would let me have. The creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten, swirled with drawn butter, herbs and huge chunks of fresh lobster. While I would never have imagined that combo, it’s PERFECT. Not too rich, wonderfully buttery and the best side this mashed potato-lover has ever heard of.

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I started with three oysters – one each of the Hurricane Island from New Brunswick, the Welfleet from Massachusetts and the malpeque from Prince Edward Island. I know next to nothing about oysters other than the fact that I love them. Raw, cooked, Rockefeller – gimme, gimme more. They came with a selection of wine vinegars, cocktail sauce and horseradish, plus the obligatory lemon.

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I demolished the Union Square Maki Roll – fresh crab, spicy hamachi, mango, apple, avocado and yuzo miso sauce. It was by far the best sushi roll I’ve ever had. Every ingredient complemented the next and the textures were perfect. Can’t rave about this one enough, and it caused Peixi to take a break from her meal to try some of mine.

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Neither of us believes that dessert is really dessert without chocolate, so when we were deciding between the Banana Ice Cream Tower with hazelnut and caramelized bananas and the Chocolate Fondue with sweet treats, we thought ‘who are we kidding’ and tucked in for the chocolate. It came with pineapple, apple, strawberry and banana and four pieces of fudgy-rich brownie. The chocolate sauce was thick, warm and dark (in other words, just how I like it). It was the perfect potion and was a great partner to the fruit without being too rich as chocolate fondue tends to be. The perfect end to the perfect meal.

Bad Girl Taste Rating: Classy Sinful


One thought on “Blue Water Grill

  1. Hmmm…lobster mashed potatoes. I might have to try to make them. However, I’m having a ver difficult time believing the ones you jad were better than mine πŸ™‚

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