Mostly (non) Sex Stuff

For my birthday my younger sister surprised me with tickets to see my favorite comedienne, Amy Schumer. Her ‘Back Door Tour’ started in NYC on January 24th and we were there for opening night. Amy is incredible hilarious, and I love her stand up routine ‘Mostly Sex Stuff’, which I’ve watched hundreds of times online. She vulgar, crass, real and hot, so obviously perfection in my mind. Her previous show was, as it sounds, mostly about sex stuff – hookups, one night stands, accidental pregnancy and the like. But this show was a little more varied, and while it didn’t leave me LOLing quite as much as her previous stand-up, it was terrific. About work and life and fame, all of which have hit her like a train because she’s such a talented woman.


I think there need to be more women like Amy Schumer, and not just in comedy. I rarely come across women who are so comfortable with their sexuality, so honest, or so unapologetic when it comes to who they are. And the bravery it takes to stand in front of hundreds, thousands of people, and talk about your brazilian wax or “pretending to be a good person” is mind-blowing. I’m nervous enough writing this blog every time and I’m far removed from those of you kind enough to read it. I have a close friend who does stand-up as well (she’s just as funny as Amy) and every time I go to see her I’m blown away by the courage, strength and give-no-effs-what-people-think-about-you attitude it takes to stand up there. So many people tell us to be just thin enough, to wear just enough makeup, to be just chaste enough, not to be too much of a leader. As much as we want them to, those people will never shut the hell up. Meaning: we need our own rules and to give ourselves the permission to break them. To be a woman and own your sexuality, own your body without a second thought for societal rules needs to become first-nature for more of us. No one is “the boss” of us anymore, and we shouldn’t give anyone but ourselves that much power. More bad girls need to be that brave and self-possessed, starting with this one.


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