Juice Cleanse Virgin


I thought I’d begin my new year with a good kick – health-wise that is. So I ventured out into the blistering Polar Vortex bombarding New York to pick myself up a juice cleanse ritual. I’ve always wanted to try a full-day juice cleanse, but I’ve never been brave enough. Usually without food every few hours I become a little mean – and by that I mean a real bitch. Additionally, I can say that I’ve never dreamt of swapping one of my favorite foods – Nachos, milkshakes, ice cream, etc. – for a glass of … juice. But if I was going to try it out there was only one place I could think to turn.

At Liquiteria, the famous East Village juice bar, you can stock up on juice, power smoothies, healthy treats and yummy snacks. Every time that I’ve gone in, it’s been for one of their Berry Powerful (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, banana, vanilla soy milk, flax seed, agave, and my substitution – chocolate whey protein) or Bulldozer (banana, peanut butter, vanilla soy milk and chocolate whey protein) smoothies. In the past I’ve convinced myself that these are a healthy meal replacement, despite their deliciously naughty taste.

But since it’s a new year, and blah, blah, blah I went for the juices this time around. Since I’m a juice cleanse virgin, I purchased one of the one-day cleanses. This comes with six juices which you drink throughout the day as meal replacements whenever you’re hungry (or about two-three hours apart). In this order I downed the All Greens, All Greens (with Apple), Skin Trip, All Greens (with Apple), Beets Me and Royal Flush juices. Not one tasted bad – though they weren’t as delicious as the chocolatey, berry smoothies – and they kept me from becoming a low-blood-sugar witch by the end of the day. They say you can lose up to a few pounds by doing a juice cleanse, though that shouldn’t be the goal. Liquiteria’s cleanses are alkaline and de-toxifying and are meant to clean out the gross, fatty food particles you’ve been feasting on.

So if you want to keep living badly, but stop eating badly, give one of these bad boys a try!


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