My Prince

Before you meet me I think it’s important that you meet my ferocious feline.


This is Fitz aka Fitzy aka Fitzwilliam J. Cat aka Fitzy-Poopsie.

Now, I am no cat person. For years cats have skeeved me out, stemming back to one experience  of cat-sitting where I was bitten by a hungry little guy who knew no patience. I’ve loved kittens, but full-grown cats are not my thing. For about the same number of years I have loved dogs of all kinds – big ones, small ones, playful ones, timid ones. But my own prejudice aside, this little kitten slayed me from the moment I set eyes on him.


Fitz is named after a character from my favorite show, Scandal. He’s the sexy President of the United States, who’s having an affair with political fixer and undeniable bad-ass, Olivia Pope. My prince’s full name is Fitzwilliam (Mr. Darcy’s first name from Pride & Prejudice). So as you can see, with namesakes like these he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

My parents adopted Fitz from the Delaware County SPCA for me as an early Christmas present. He’s a buff tabby with tan stripes and a little white collar and paws. He’s timid and playful with lots of love to give. Essentially, he’s perfect for me.


He’s currently the only man in my life, and for now I like it that way. One man’s more than enough for me.


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