Bad Betch NYE

Not to brag (considering I had nothing to do with it), but I have a pretty epic birthday. Every New Year’s Eve I grow another year wiser, and this year I chose to celebrate with my bestest, baddest friends.

Everyone converged in NYC for a day of ice-skating, pampering, brunching and raging. My sister and best friend spent the day with me, and we started it out as touristy as it gets by ice-skating at Rockefeller Center under the giant Christmas tree. DISCLAIMER: We didn’t actually end up ice-skating…


I’m a horrible ice-skater. Half a dozen people have tried to teach me, to no avail. I fall, I flop, I cling to my partner for dear life. With this in mind, I noticed an abnormal amount of tourists – young, old, pro, amateur – face down, ass up on the ice without even their dignity to break their fall. Thinking that would be a pretty horrible way to start out the new year, I looked around and spotted my saving grace. The Rockefeller Center Cafe kept us warm, dry and laughing instead of what would certainly have been crying on my part. The three of us decided that a far better use of our $15 was to buy our first drink of the day (…at 10:30am) and bought three very festive, very affordable cocktails. Sam ordered the Spiced Apple with Apple Rum and Maple Cinnamon Syrup, Carolyn the classic Bloody Mary, and me the Peppermint Hot Chocolate spiked with vodka.



After downing our drinks rather quickly, I scuttled off the to Bliss Spa where I enjoyed a Carrot Sesame Body Wrap and a Fabulous Facial as birthday gifts from my parents. It was undeniably indulgent and sinful, but I loved every minute and now my skin feels like butter. After my mini spa-day I met the girls for a late brunch at Agave in the West Village just as it was starting to snow.


We headed home to nap off our margaritas before the real fun began that night at Capitale. Twelve of us spent the night soaking up a six-hour open bar and dancing until our feet were raw.

  IMG_0920 IMG_0919 IMG_0912

Happy New Year & may this be your baddest yet!


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